Selvfølgelig har vi en beskyttende fe! Hun hedder Skt. Margrethe og er kommissær for et eller andet. Hun springer helt sikkert op som trold af en æske, hvis noget ondt skulle tilstøde hende os

The Spademanns Leksikon Declaration of Independence and Sovereignty

We, The Guardians of the Malicious but dependably benign Intellect and Omniscient Wardens of the Sword of Sarcasm, hereby declare our Independence from ANY KIND of censorship, be it aestethic, ethical, political, religious or otherwise directed by taste and whim.

We furthermore claim an artistic and intellectual Right to Existence, which we strongly urge The European Union, Dansk Journalistforbund and other defenders of Freedom of Expression to recognize in public ruminations, rightful lawmaking and Protests against the evil perpetrators of the insidious Political Correctness, whom the custodians at Spademanns consider their worst enemies.

We are a Danish Cultural Institution, and, as such, we are bound by Danish Law only, and outside meddling should be considered and comdemned for what it is: Cultural Imperialism![1]

Übermäßige Bemerkung auf Dänischredigér

  1. Teksten er på engelsk
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