Spademanns Leksikon

Name: dow = day of week, "a" refers to the alphabetic, not numeric result.

This template computes the ISO weekday for a given Gregorian date.

It is especially useful for dates before Skabelon:Date, because they are outside the range of #time.

  • {{Dowa|2007|3|11}} gives søn
  • {{Dowa|1907|3|11}} gives man
  • {{Dowa|1807|3|11}} gives ons


  • {{#time:l|2007-3-11}} gives søndag.
  • {{#time:l|1907-3-11}} gives mandag (wrong, outside range)
  • {{#time:l|1807-3-11}} gives onsdag (outside range)


  • The year must be astronomical (0 is 1 BC, -1 is 2 BC, etc.).
  • The month is between 1 and 12 from January to December.
  • The day is normally between 1 and 31.

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