Spademanns Leksikon


MongoTV is a worldwide media production company led by John Henrik Olsen. John Henrik Olsen lives in Sorgenfri close to Virum in the northern metropolitan area of Copenhagen. He used to live in Gladsaxe with his mother and briefly in Vordingborg with his father when he was a child. John's mother is called Bodil. His younger brother is named Thomas and his sister is called Anette. John has a big tattoo on his hairy back. The tattoo says 4760 forever -- 4760 is the ZIP-Code of the little town of Vordingborg where John lived with his father as a kid . John really loves his father. He doesn't like his mother or siblings. But he adores and worships his beloved father. OG HAN ELSER BARE MAD

John Henrik Olsen is truly an addict. He is addicted to and obsessed with money, milk, media attention, medisterpølse and minors. Mr. Olsen is also addicted to mølleboller, mindblowing fast food orgies and manic internet shopping.

John Henrik Olsen is suffering from megalomania and sociophobia. He keeps convincing himself that he is a politician who is able to read english at a scientist's level. At the same time he is a genuin misogynist who treats his poor old mother as an object. In fact, he keeps his own mother enslaved by forcing her to clean his apartment, by forcing her to do his grocery shopping and by forcing her to cut his hair etc.

John H. MongOLsen. Løvgårdsvej 7, 1.sal, 2830 Virum.