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ArabG - Freestyle (Remix of Mastersaluu)

ArabG - Freestyle (Remix of Mastersaluu)

ArabG (Ahmed Lavaf Risan) is born in Iraq and came to Denmark in 2004 to live in peace in Denmark. Soon after ArabG started his carrier as a sound-terrorist, making a lot of noise, while acting as a new singer/Rapper. He did it by copying the R & B & Hiphop style which Massari & Marwan also copy.

He mostly use the Iraqi anguage and he has been making noise since 2008 when he began noise-terror for fun and did some freestyling noise-stunts in his free [time]]. Now will he like to do some serious music, much of it will be about Love, & War. in his leisure time doing his music and make beats he produced some songs for different time singer. You can download all of his freestyle-shit & songs on Myspace.

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